SEO copywriting

SEO Copywriting

SEO is often opposed to content marketing. Supporters of SEO believe that SEO copywriting is too expensive, long and unprofitable. The content providers say that pure SEO is the last century, and it makes no sense to invest resources in this channel of attraction. Who is right? Let’s understand!

SEO copywriting 

Why are the positions of SEO shaken?

Google in 2011 introduced the algorithm Panda, which in many ways made it more difficult for optimizers to improve their positions in search results.  At the moment, SEO is undergoing changes, which can be called a struggle for the quality of both sites and the reference mass.

The” genetic code “of the SEO industry at its birth has acquired One very strange mutation: the focus on the search for “vulnerabilities” of search engines, algorithmic holes through which it was possible to lead customers to the tops.


After changing search engine algorithms, not all “old-school” were able to adapt to new requirements of search engines to the quality of reference mass and promoted resources. But now it has become obvious that there will be no return to the old rules.

What’s different? References still play a significant role in ranking algorithms, but these are not “directory runs” that worked at the dawn of SEO, and no spam links that could be bought in bulk without thinking about their quality. Another thing, if you are referring to authoritative thematic resources with good attendance. At the same time, the quality of the site plays a significant role: content, usability, optimization, including mobile extradition. All this gives a significant contribution to your position in the extradition.


Bad SEO should die, but that does not mean that SEO is not needed.


If we talk about the SEO copywriting of the site, then it should not only be optimized for SEO (with the right keywords in the required quantity), but also be useful to visitors of the site, interesting and in demand. And it is in this you can find one of the points of contact between content marketing and SEO. In fact, today one can not exist in isolation from the other, regardless of whether it is internal or external content marketing.

 Is SEO copywriting Need?

When implementing the strategy of SEO copywriting, you must always take into account the requirements of search engines. For internal content marketing, these requirements are relevant:

  • The uniqueness of the content (it needs to be 100%, but if the text contains a lot of special terminology or quotation, then 80-90% is enough);
  • presence of key phrases (without oversampling and “curved” occurrences);
  • a sufficient amount of text (an average of 2,000 to 6,000 characters without spaces, you can and more, but you need to be sure that such a text will be read);
  • Relevance of information (content must match the title, adhere to the principle: “one problem – one text”);
  • the refresh rate is also very important, because the search engines must see that the resource is alive and constantly updated.

If you are talking about the distribution of content, that is, about external content marketing, then in addition to the requirements discussed above, consider the following factors:

    • Thematicity of the site (it’s better to post materials on niche sites with semantics close to your topic than on general-purpose portals);
    • audience activity (when choosing a site, pay attention to attendance, commenting, number of likes and reposts of articles);
    • relevance of landing pages to reference anchors (when navigating through the posted link, the user should understand where and why he gets);
  • possible traffic (you can evaluate it if you previously posted publications on a specific site, or if the site owner provides statistics on the CTR).

Using SEO copywriting helps to improve the efficiency of the placed content, increase traffic and its quality. Which, in turn, has a good effect on the position.

How does copywriting work for the benefit of SEO?

There is another side to the coin. Content-marketing perfectly solves the problems of SEO.  No wonder they are increasingly using the SEO copywriting in the promotion. There are at least three reasons for this

  • increasing the visibility of the site by brand inquiries – the results will be presented to you at a greater extent than the ordered posts of competitors;
  • a by-product (in a good sense of the word) content marketing – cool backlinks that do not buy on the exchange. They are the ones who give the weight, and the positions in the issue are growing. This is not a spam-link – they are targeted traffic;
  • additional traffic and improved behavioral indicators (the audience attracted by content providers is interested in exactly your product or services, therefore it spends more time on the site than users from organic, among which there may be “passers-by”)

Content marketing has ceased to be just a way of positioning the brand for our customers. In addition, you get a lot of positive SEO-effects: we select live sites with high attendance, resulting in advertising campaigns give targeted traffic and “fatty” links. As a result, the sites’ positions are growing, sales are on, and everyone is happy.

It turns out that the discussion on the topic “or … or …” does not make sense. An integrated approach is important: improving usability, internal technical SEO and external SEO with mandatory inclusion of content marketing techniques. It is such an approach today in the trend, and it will give a synergistic effect.

Summing up the results

Whatever the SEO-shnikiki believed in the return of the reference promotion, this stage is probably passed. And search engines do not give 100% of traffic – a good piece of social media was snatched away. And here are the other rules of the game, the basis is interesting and involving content, and not keys “in direct occurrence.”

Ignore SEO is not worth it – at least you need to do internal optimization and collect semantics to understand which queries are relevant to the target audience. On the other hand, SEO copywritiing is an effective way to improve SEO-indicators. Natural links, behavioral factors, visibility, traffic on branded requests – this is far from a complete list of SEO-buns, which gives SEO copywriting.


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