Google first page


Most often SEO agencies with little work experience guarantee getting your site to the Google first page in 2-3 months. If competition in the industry is insignificant, it is quite possible, but for most companies this is irrelevant.

Google first page is a myth

Google first page

Below is the standard SEO timeline:

  • SEO research and development of a client-approved strategy – can take up to 2 weeks
  • SEO pages (total for 10 key phrases) – can take up to 2 weeks
  • General SEO (can be run in parallel with SEO for pages) – can take up to 2 weeks

The total for the first phase of the process (research, optimization and publication) can take up to a month of work.

After that, you need to wait until Google fully and effectively indexes your site. This can take up to 2 weeks.

By this time the site will be displayed on the 10-15 page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This will take a month and a half to work. And this is the most optimistic scenario, which implies qualitative SEO for best practices.

Even the best agencies should apply their best strategies for several months and with the support of customers to see the first results. If you have a new company, it can take 6 months and a year.

Even the best and most experienced SEO professionals will need several months to get the expected results. That is why the strategy of search engine optimization should apply to both a long-term project and not a short-term campaign.

Difficult to rank in Google first page

Google first page

Google ranks sites after analyzing over 200 factors. It’s up to them to match your site to be worthy of the Google first page.

SEO experts optimize your website and online presence to meet the stated standards, and it takes a long time. Even after optimization, it takes some time for the changes to begin to affect the ranking.

Experienced SEO experts experiment with different techniques and strategies to get better results. Some of them are successful, others are not. They also need time to test them.

It’s not easy to work with Google

Google first page

Google constantly updates the search algorithm and adds new conditions and factors. At the same time, the company does not report any changes. Professionals themselves have to get acquainted with the changes, evaluate their effect on existing campaigns and react accordingly.

SEO experts work hard to collect data from thousands of sites in a few days and determine how algorithms affect ranking. They optimize their strategies, taking into account new information to improve the position in the SERP.

Google first page is not static

Google first page

Your competitors can also apply effective SEO strategies and make relevant changes in the campaign. They will climb higher, and you will lose a few points. The first page of the SERP is always mobile, if you do not lead in the SEO race, you will quickly lose your positions. It is very important to monitor the relevance of your campaigns and the quality of the site.

SEO requires a lot of effort, experience and knowledge. However, if you regularly implement effective strategies, sooner or later you will see results. Google and other search engines are looking for reliable sites with quality content. They seek to offer users better experience and information.

If your site shows the best results and meets expectations, you will stay on the Google first page for a long time. You have to be patient and give SEO time.

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