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The lacquer felt for nails “, the animator of water “,” gastronomic tour of the Urals “- these are few examples of key phrases according to which the number of transitions from organic Tends to zero. To promote a site in similar niche market by classical SEO methods is inefficient. How to be? Despair is definitely not worth it – the methods of promotion are more than enough!

Here are some practical tips for promoting a business with unformed demand.

Why are people not looking for your product?

Probably because they do not know about it. There are two possible situations:

1. You offer a brand that was previously unknown on the domestic market, but known abroad.

2. You have a unique product that has no analogues in the world or your region.

Before you start promoting, you need to create a portrait of the target audience. While the semantic core is not yet formed, it is critically important to understand who to direct marketing efforts to, so that you can accurately target ads and select relevant sites.

Next, your task is to reach out to your audience, talk about the product and convince you to place an order. Many of the products and services known today were not heard at one time. Local companies that do not have the resources to start a large-scale popularization of the product, of course, have to be more difficult. But with the right approach, everything is possible.

How to promote site in the “zero” niche market?

Marketing agencies use many ways to promote websites in “zero” niches. Some of them are time-tested, others – only pass approbation. For example, there is agency which is actively working with popular bloggers, niche media, communities and video bloggers, that is, they use a content marketing approach that has proved itself in complex niche market. Other agencies can focus more on contextual and media advertising. Let’s consider in more detail the methods of promotion for niche market.

Search contextual advertising

The fact that users do not formulate in the search queries for which you are advancing does not at all mean that they will not be interested in your product or service. Yes, SEO does not help here, but with contextual advertising it will be necessary to tinker, as semantics will be near-topic, rather aimed at concomitant interests. Think about what requests your potential customers can enter.


If you sell laser scissors, they will most likely be of interest to seamstresses and tailors. Set up ad impressions for the keys “buy professional scissors”, “buy scissors for sewing”, etc., and in the title and description already specify the information about your product.

New products for consumers are not always bought immediately. It takes several contacts to get used to them and get more information. Therefore, retargeting in this case is an effective strategy.

Cognitive and useful articles on related subjects

To promote an unknown product for a niche market, create an information background around it. Write interesting and useful articles on related topics and publish them in your blog and on third-party sites.


If you sell a nail polish pen, you can write articles on topics like “How to do a manicure in the metro in three minutes” or “Choose a persistent nail polish coating”. And already in the article you can include information about the new product. As a result, you will educate the target audience, introduce it to the product, receive traffic, lead and conversion.

Spinning services, aggregators and communities

In many areas there are well-known services and communities. For example, in the sphere of tourism it is tripadvisor and,. On such coverage areas, you can effectively move forward, and in many cases absolutely free. In addition, they can become a platform for communication with customers and creating a good reputation.

Experts of Alfa-content recommend this procedure:

1. Create a company profile or discussion thread in a community or service.

2. Motivate customers to leave comments and feedback (perhaps with the help of bonuses, discounts, etc.).

3. Collaborate with opinion leaders who have a high reputation in a particular community. Their feedback is important, mentioning your company in other branches and profiles, high marks.

4. Actively participate in the discussion of other services.

5. Reply to the comments, thank for the reviews.

We recommend working in two ways: writing detailed reviews about your products and participating in discussions that interest your audience. Only feedback and advice should not be in the “sweet” positive direction – users calculate them at a time. In addition, work must be done regularly to achieve the expected effect.

Question and Answer Services

Quora is a very popular platform, where ordinary people can find the answer to almost any question. Look for rating questions on your topic, let’s They have detailed useful answers, create your own branches. Such posts are well ranked in the search and attract traffic.

Social networks

For effective work with social networks, the preparatory work, in particular, the study of the target audience, is of great importance. Only in this way will you be able to target, pick up suitable sites and style of submission of material.

The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Use different tools:

  • create your own groups in social networks and regularly fill them with content;
  • make content crops in thematic groups;
  • order targeted advertising.

Video Hosting

In many subjects, the video finds a greater response from the target audience than the text. Promotion through video is possible in two ways:

  • creating your own YouTube channel and posting and seeding videos (teaching, cognitive, entertaining, etc.);
  • ordering mentions and reviews of your product from well-known videobloggers (this is a great way to inform the audience about a new product and to inspire confidence).

A unique product is much more effective to promote with the help of video, because it’s easier to capture and focus attention. Through a visual demonstration, potential customers better remember information.


The zero frequency of key queries of some niche market does not mean that your product is not needed by anyone. Yes, while no one knows about it, but if you correctly identify the target audience and inform it, in time you will be able to shift the demand towards a new product or brand.

At first, while the search visibility of your site is still low, it makes sense to focus not on search traffic, but on disseminating information about your product and services among a possible CA. This is where content marketing comes in handy, particularly posting posts in niche blogs and the media, reviews on forums and in communities, the integration of mentions into YouTube videos, targeted advertising in social networks, etc.

“Alfa-content” works with all these and many other formats of accommodation. Choosing one of the tariff packages, you will get a wide coverage of the target audience and a guaranteed number of conversions to your site. We have considerable experience in promoting sites in complex niche market, and in all cases, content-marketing events lead to increased brand awareness, traffic and sales.


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