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How to hire expert to design a website for your business?

“I found the developer to design a website. It seemed normal at first, when we discussed what I needed. I looked at the sites he did, I liked everything. And then we started to work and eventually he did it to me. It looks awful! Site as if from two thousand! “

My clients now and again complain about developers who do not do what they would like and do not seem to be, or even take a 50% prepayment and disappear in an unknown direction.

At the same time, designers and developers complain about customers who “do not know what they want” or come with a request “when it will be IT, the very thing I’ll understand.”


Delegation of work on the site to a professional does not solve all problems

In order to design a website or blog that will please you, you need to do a lot of preliminary work. When you yourself clearly understand what you want to get out of the way and come to a trained specialist, he will love you stronger-strong, because customers who can clearly articulate their expectations at a great price.

How to become such an ideal customer and find your web-specialist who will create for you a site that you will be satisfied with?


What kind of preliminary work needs to be done? What package of documents should be prepared to correctly formulate their expectations for the designer and developer?

I told about it in my speech “How to become an ideal customer” at the official WordPress conference in Moscow.

If you prefer to see the slides, then below are slides of the presentation.

As a result of the preparatory work done, you will have the following package of documents:

  • description of your brand (what your project is about and you, 3 brand words);
  • visual moodboard;
  • description of your ideal reader;
  • 1 key task of your site / blog;
  • analysis of competitors;
  • the structure of the blog;
  • the layout of the blog.

A document that will combine this will become a brief for the developer (or technical assignment). Leave your email at the bottom, and I’ll send you a standard version of the brief on design a website for your business.

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