SMS Marketing

Nowadays, SMS marketing or mobile marketing is a common type of promotion of goods and services, which allows you to quickly inform subscribers and advertise your products. The presence of a mobile phone for everyone has long been no news, moreover, the user can have several phones or mobile numbers of different operators. This fact guarantees more opportunities to establish contact with your potential buyer.

SMS marketing – a pledge of a successful advertising campaign

SMS marketing has a huge number of advantages:

  • cheapness and speed
  • simplicity and efficiency in use
  • the possibility of direct hit by a specific subscriber
  • also the vastness of the base of contacts
SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

It’s possible to block such sms messages, but not so many network users are doing it. Therefore, this type of marketing strategy ensures high awareness of customers. Mass SMS-sending is actively used in such businesses as: banking services, trade, medical organizations, tourism, insurance, etc.

SMS marketing over the Internet – a pledge of high deliverability

For effective SMS marketing on the Internet it is necessary to pay attention, first of all on:

  • the quality of the base of telephone numbers
  • content in the message
  • presence in SMS of contacts for feedback
  • possibility of unsubscribing from mailing
  • the channel for sending notifications.

SMS can be sent to the Internet through several channels: direct, indirect and using a channel with a fixed alphabetic name. But there was not always such a distribution. The channels appeared due to the fact that mobile operators began to closely monitor the distribution of SPAM messages from mobile users. In order to protect their subscribers from unnecessary mass mailings, mobile operators have increased the requirements for messages sent. Let us examine below the features, advantages and disadvantages of each channel for the spread of mobile advertising.

Direct channel – “white” distribution of SMS messages

A forward link is used to improve the delivery of messages. This method has a number of advantages over others. Advertising notice is not blocked by telecom operators and, therefore, the delivery to the final recipient is close to 100%. The sender uses his name or company name (known to the client), which allows for greater brand loyalty and a smaller percentage of the message’s blockage.

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

The only negative thing for business is that the cost of such a service is higher than when using other channels.

Indirect channel is the best way to send SMS anonymously

This channel provides the cheapest mailing, and this is perhaps the only advantage. The sender’s number is replaced by an arbitrary nonexistent one, one hundred allows you to send an anonymous SMS. However, the delivery of such messages, according to statistical data, is considered to be the lowest.

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

To improve the effectiveness of this type of messages, the SPIN-text technique can be used, which allows to uniquely content the SMS by replacing several words in the message. For example, SPIN text can replace the word “Hello” with “Good day” or “Good morning.”

This technique allows to avoid blocking by mobile operators and to increase the delivery of SMS messages to subscribers.

Mass distribution of messages on a channel with a fixed alphabetic name

One of the subspecies of the indirect channel is a channel with a fixed letter name. Its deliverability to the final subscriber is higher than in the indirect subscriber, since mobile advertising comes from a substitute letter name. Most often, standard names or general words are used for this, which do not carry any specific meaning. But such messages can also be perceived by mobile operators like SPAM.

From the above, the conclusion is as follows. The choice of a channel for sending advertising in SMS is crucial for the effectiveness of the entire marketing campaign. We hope that this article was useful for you and you will be able to make the right decision to implement an effective marketing strategy.

     Effective SMS marketing – we improve the SMS deliverability via the Internet



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