Instagram promotion

Instagram Promotion

Instagram continues to grow and change, today Instagram promotion is one of the main sources of sales for many companies. The wide variety of social network functions allows marketers to turn subscribers into customers.

There are many ways to generate sales from the involved Instagram traffic. In today’s article, you will find 21 ideas and sales tactics on this platform.

1. CTA in the profile description

One of the easiest ways to attract sales through Instagram promotion is to make the link to your store (website) as noticeable as possible. Some users who find your business in this social network go to the profile description – the ideal place to redirect them to the store.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

Add a call to action (“Click on the link below to see our latest and best products!”) to the profile description. This will encourage Instagram users to explore your site, which guarantees traffic and sales growth.

2. Landing page for Instagram

The personalized approach to sales has long proved its effectiveness. You can create a separate landing page specifically for Instagram users. Add photos from the social network to this page to personalize the experience of visitors and make it more familiar.

3. Publish customer testimonials

Social approval can significantly increase sales figures. Include customer feedback in your strategy – publish a photo or video of the lucky owners of your products with quotes in the description. This kind of content will strengthen the credibility of your brand and will awaken the desire to become the same happy by buying your product.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

4. Food posts

These are the most popular posts for sales in Instagram promotion, while they are quite effective.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

Publish high-quality photos of your products to attract users’ attention and intrigue them. In the description, add a tempting story about the product and a link to the store to complete the purchase.

5. Seasonal promotion

One of the methods of personalization is promotion, tied to a specific event, for example, Valentine’s Day or the New Year.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

Create seasonal content and offer users a discount. The involvement and effectiveness of such campaigns is usually higher.

6. Flash sales

Flash sales are a direct offer to buy. You already know that all of your subscribers are more or less interested in your product. Offer discounts will inspire them to commit acts.

Create an eye-catching image with a coupon or link that users can use to receive a discount. Also, add this link to the profile description in order to simplify the task as much as possible.

7. Suggestions for commentators

Often under food posts, users leave comments: “I need it!”, “I love!”, While noting my friends who may also be interested in the product.

Respond to such comments with a discount offer to encourage users to purchase.

8. Custom Content

Social approval can be a decisive factor in the decision-making process. A great example is user content.

If customers love your brand, they will be happy to create a record of your product. Publish custom content in your profile with the addition of a review or purchase opinion. Do not forget to add CTA.

9. Demo video

Show potential customers how people use your product to interest them and spread brand information. Demo video will help overcome any doubts of users.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

Create a short (not more than a minute) video that shows your product in action, also be sure to add a call to action at the end.

10. Advertising

We should not forget about the possibilities of advertising in Instagram promotion. It allows you to accurately target the audience, and also use retargeting.

Thanks to advertising, you will be able to attract interested users. Unfortunately, organic promotion is not always effective. Advertising is a powerful tool that guarantees you sales growth.

11. Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business – a free update that will help you increase sales by adding a “Contact” button to your profile page, as well as the store address. This information will eventually attract even more visitors and new customers.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

12. Use the platform for monetization

Platforms for monetization greatly simplify the task of buying interesting to users of Instagram products. They duplicate your content from the social network and add links to go to the purchase.

Instagram Promotion
Instagram Promotion

This solution will remove you from the restriction of using only one link in the profile description. Simplifying the purchase process will help you attract more buyers.

13. Raffle for the likes of

The contest, for participation in which you want to put a photo under the photo (and subscribe to you), helps to create a base of dedicated subscribers interested in your brand and product. But make sure that the prize you are playing is actual for your business.

This promotion strategy helps to increase not only the involvement, but also the visibility of the post, as many users will want to share it with friends.

14. Drawing for the tag

This kind of drawing also helps to increase the involvement and chances of selling. To participate in the contest, users will need to mention a few of their friends.

This will allow you to maximize coverage and attract more participants, which will lead to increased sales.

15. Photo contest

Photo contests are the best promotion format for your business. They help generate leads for your business and build an address database for future mailing.

Please note that you will have to use a third-party application to conduct such a contest. Select the actual hashtag for the campaign and enjoy the growth of sales and engagement.

16. Partnership promotion

If you want to run a contest, think about partnering with a company that sells your products. You can offer as a prize products from just two brands.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

Thanks to this promotion, you can reach the audience of the partner, which is beneficial, as these people are potentially interested in your proposal. And for them you will not be an unfamiliar company, because you have been recommended by a brand they trust.

17. Discounts in Instagram Story

Instagram Story is another platform for promoting and attracting potential customers. The tab is at the very top of the newsline, so many users go there.

Publish a photo in Story with a discount or a limited time offer. Since the content will disappear after 24 hours, you will create a sense of urgency and exclusivity of your proposal.

18. Discounts in Instagram Live

Instagram Live is an excellent platform for establishing communication with customers. Organize a direct inclusion (for example, answering questions) to collect the customers together and offer them an exclusive discount. The uniqueness of your promotion will force users to act immediately.

19. The post of authority

Influence marketing is very popular in Instagram promotion. Collaborate with authorities to create sponsorship posts to cover a significant share of your target market.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

In its post authority should tell about your product and demonstrate it in the photo, it is also desirable in the description to use the actual hashtags, mention the account of your business and add an exclusive discount on the purchase.

20. Overview of new products

Instagram promotion will help you draw attention to the new products that you are going to release. You can prepare a review in the usual post or in Story, intrigue users, asking them to guess what it is. Also, you can draw a drawing to learn about as many people as possible about the new product.

Instagram Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example

In Story, you can download a series of images, gradually revealing the features of the novelty, it will help maintain the interest of the audience.

21. Tell about the site in Story

In Story, you can promote a website or store on a regular basis. For example, publish photos of products with a link to the site every few hours to attract more traffic. The store can be noted with a special sticker.

Instagram promotion is an effective platform for promotion and sales. Use all its capabilities, experiment, use these ideas for inspiration, and the results will not be long in coming!


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